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Chemical cleaning of water

Clarifying filters are designed to remove the suspended impurities of various dispersion degree from water. Those are used in the circuits for water treatment units for various applications. Water clarification happens as a result of coarse dispersion impurities in water sticking to the grains of the filtering material and these impurities being retained on the surface and in the pores of the filtering material.
Sorption carbon filters are designed for deep cleaning of the turbine condensate from finely dispersed oil and residues of petroleum products. They are used in the circuits of condensate purification units of the thermal electric power plants. Coarsely dispersed oil is removed in sumps and in the process of filtration through carbon filters. Deep cleaning of the condensate from finely dispersed oil is reached in sorption filters loaded with activated carbon with grain size of 1.0-3.5 mm.
Mixed bed ion exchangers with internal and external (remote) regeneration of ionites are intended for deep de-salination and de-siliconization of the turbine condensate and make-up water. Filtration of condensate and make-up water is made through a layer of mixed grains of hydrogen-form cation resin and OH anion exchange resin.
Parallel flow ion exchangers of the 1-st and 2-nd stage are intended for softening and de-salination in various circuits of the softening and chemical de-salination units at thermal electric power plants and industrial boiler facilities.
Counter flow ion exchangers. Counter flow method of ionization consists in passing through ionite (ion exchange resin) the water to be treated and regenerating solution in opposite directions. Counter flow exchangers are designed for operation in water treatment units for chemical de-salination and water softening at the thermal electric power plants and nuclear power plants as well as in the circuits using UpCpRe, Shwebebett, Puropack, Amberpack, and Amberjet technologies.
Regenerative filters are designed for regeneration of ion exchange charge of mixed action ion exchange filters with external (remote) ion regeneration. Filters are used on water treatment units of the electric power plants and condensate purification units of the high capacity power generating units of the electric power plants.
Trapping filters for particulate material are designed to entrap discharge of filtering materials from the filter due to possible defects in the system drains or as a result of filtering load getting fine in size.
Hydraulic agitators of lime milk and acidic agents are meant for hydraulic preparation of pre-determined concentration solutions used in the water treatment system of the electric power plant boilers and boiler rooms of industrial enterprises.
Pressure tanks for storage of concentrated agents (BNKh-16, BNKh-32 and BNKh-32-P) are designed to store strong sulfuric acid and concentrated sodium hydroxide in the warehouses of the water treatment units. Location of the tanks is horizontal.