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Metal work production

Direction no. 1: production of the welded metal work and metal work on the bolted-type connections


  • Equipment for machine welding in active protective gases MAG, manual electrode arc welding and machine submerged arc welding.
  • Levelling rolls (sheet width is 3,250 mm, thickness is up to 60 mm) for dressing of the blank parts and welded cards of the sheet products.
  • Six-cutting plant «Variosek» produced by «Messer» (Germany).
  • gaz
  • Special blast cleaning cell, for preparation of the frame elements to painting and conservation.

Direction no. 2: manufacture of regenerating and tubular – air heaters, burners, hangers, drafts, junction pieces


  • Turning-and-boring lathe mod. 1580L for mechanical processing of the frames of training circles and beds of radial seal with diameter capacity Ø 8,000 mm.
  • «Toshiba» horizontal and milling and boring machine with operating space sizes 10,000×2,500×6,000 for processing of the RAH assemblies.
  • «Kraftenlagen» (Germany) flow line for manufacture of packets of the RAH stuffing hot and cold layers (capacity 60 packets per shift).
  • Moulding loft for assembling of the RAH metal work with an area 400 m².
  • Leveled moulding loft for assembling of the RAH buckstay beams with sizes 15,000×4,000 mm.
  • Moulding loft for carrying out of the check assembly of the RAH frame.
  • Radial moulding loft for assembly-welding of the RAH rotor with a diameter 20,000 mm having special beams with grooves for fixing of components under assembling.
  • Manufacture of fittings of the main and field pipelines .
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