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Production of heating surface

Products: gastight panels, blocks of steam superheaters (convective, platen-type, radiation, overhead) heating surfaces, water economizers, module blocks of waste-heat boilers (WHB).


  • Manufacturers use combined production systems and units of VKW, DEUMA for flux welding of elements of the gastight panels by method of «band finning» or by method of «band welding into» with a width up to 1500 mm length up to 27 m, whereafter elements are enlarged into the panel with a width up to 3 meters at the portal welding apparatus.
  • Production is equipped with the unique combined production system of membrane water economizers, in which longitudinal finning of tubes is performed by high-frequency current at MEKOPON unit.
  • Bending of panels is produced on the special horizontal and vertical blocks providing right- and left-hand bending of panels up to 3 m in width.
  • Available equipment for manufacture of convective heating surfaces, which allows bending the tubes with an external diameter from 25 mm to 60 mm with relative radius of bend Rbend./ D tube > 1.
  • In-house collector production for heating surfaces is fitted with equipment for mechanical processing, as well as with NC. Collector manufacture is completely fitted with necessary equipment for welding.

Process parameters of the specialized site for production of the module blocks of the waste-heat boilers

  • Total production area is 15,000 m²;
  • Three product lines of spiral finning (HAN-SUNG) of tubes Ø 25-114 mm and L=22 m with a capacity 65,000 pcs/year or 7,000 tons/year;
  • Maximum dimensions of the module – 3500х3500х26000 mm;
  • Maximum weight of module – 160 tons;
  • Capacity of the site for manufacture of the WHB modules amounts to 1.8 GW or 12, 000 tons;
  • Concept production is a closed cycle starting from production of the finned tubes to shipment of the finished WHB modules within one production site;
  • Production cycle of the WHB manufacture:

    • Of vertical type with a capacity of up to 300 MW – 6 months;
    • Of horizontal type with a capacity of up to 350 MW – 4 months.
Спирально оребренные трубы
Подготовка блоков-модулей котлов-утилизаторов к отгрузке
Линия спирального оребрения труб
 Линия Мекопон, клепка пакетов змеевиков
Конвективный перегреватель
Водяной экономайзер
Блок-модуль котла-утилизатора
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