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Package unit production

Products: high- and low-pressure heaters, high-, medium- and low-pressure drums, evaporators, deaerators, separators, filters of chemical treatment of water, condensing units.


  • Plate-bending equipment with possible rolling of mantles with a length of up to 13,000 mm under thickness 25 mm and length 4,000 mm under thickness 150 mm for manufacture of drums of the high-pressure boilers.
  • 3- spindle NC machine produced by «Кolb» for deep boring of holes in the tube arrays.
  • 4 plants for fixing the heat-exchanging tubes in the tube arrays by method of hydro upset (by hydrostatical method) mod. HYDREX produced by MAUS Italy.
  • Equipment set for the tube seal welding in the tube sheets using «Polysoude» orbital heads.
  • Turning-and-boring lathe mod. DL-500 for mechanical processing of end plates, flanges, mantles and frames of admitted diameter Ø 5,000 mm.
  • Bevel cutter with processing length up to 12,000 mm.
  • Gas furnaces with operating space 4,500×4,500×14,500 mm, for heat treatment of assemblies and products, as well as furnace with pulsed gas afterburning with automated provision of the set modes.
  • Portal plant of in-house production for execution of cross sectional circular welded product connections with diameter up to 3,600 mm.
  • Console installations «Ransome» (the USA) and «ESAB» (Sweden) for execution of circular welded seams of the frames with diameter up to 5,000 mm and cross sectional circular connections with a length up to 6000 mm.

Under production of the frames, vessels, drums and water treatment devices, the machine submerged arc welding of the cross sectional and circular welded connections is widely used.

The longitudinal seams of the package units with the wall thickness 24-140 mm, as a rule, are welded for one run of slag welding (OJSC TKZ «Krasny Kotelshchik» is one of the developers of this process).

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