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Blank production

Direction no. 1: provision of the assembly workshops with the parts of the flat and section materials, manufacture of pipelines within the boiler


  • Portal machines for thermal cutting of the sheet products from carbon and low-alloy steel with a thickness up to 200 mm with accuracy of the blank cutting 1 mm and surface purity Ra 80.
  • NC high-performance gas-cutting machines «Easy Therm» - 2 pcs produced by«Messer» (Germany).
  • Plant with photoelectric servosystem of management «Korta» produced by «Messer» (Germany).
  • Machines for narrow-stream plasma cutting «MetalMaster», «Multi Therm» produced by «Messer» (Germany) and air plasma cutting «Комета» (Ukraine).
  • Portable gas-cutting machines «Sekator» - 2 units, produced by«Messer» (Germany).
  • Inclined throat and universal shears for mechanical sheet cutting with a thickness up to 32 mm and with a width up to 3,000 mm.
  • Band mills for pattern cutting of round and profiled bars with cross section up to 700×1,200 mm.
  • Machines for pipelines manufacture within the boiler, which allow performing pipe bending with the external diameter from 76 to 426 mm with wall thicknesses from 5 to 60 mm.
  • NC machine for gas-oxygen cutting of formed components from pipes of mod. RB-400/650, manufactured by «Messer» (Germany).

Direction no. 2: mechanical conversion and execution of machine-assembling works, mechanical conversion of the parts for provision of the assembling departments, and output of power fittings, high-pressure heater (hph) valves, soot blowers


Over 1300 units of metal-cutting equipment of different groups, including:

  • Turning-and-boring lathes with possible part processing up to 8000 mm in diameter and up to 3500 mm high.
  • Screw-cutting lathes with possible shaft processing up to 2000 mm in diameter and up to 10000 mm in length.
  • Horizontal boring mills with the spindle diameter from 80 to 220 mm.
  • Machining centers of model IS 800 PMF 4 (NC multipurpose drilling and milling boring horizontal close tolerance machine, with the size of the table working surface 800×800 mm).
  • Machining centers of model IR 500 PMF 4 (NC multipurpose drilling and milling boring horizontal machine, with the size of the table working surface 500×500 mm).
  • Gear-milling machines with admitted diameter of workpieces 2000 mm.
  • Bed-type milling machines fitted with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical spindles with maximum dimension of the table 2500×8000 mm.

Direction no. 3: output of the wide range of forgings and stamped blanks for provision of assembly departments


  • Forged equipment- air-vapor hammers with highest possible frequency (HPF) of 0.075 to 3 t enabled to produce forgings weighing up to 400 kg of different steel grades.
  • Pressure equipment - hydraulic, crank-driven, screw-shaped (frictional and arc-type) presses with power characteristic - 40 to 2500 t, that allows producing significant nomenclature of the stamped blanks at the factory:

    • Elliptical end plates ∅ 325 - 3400 mm and S=6-115 mm;
    • Lens compensators of parent sheets;
    • Short-radius elbows ∅ 133, 159, 168, 219, 273 and 325 mm;
    • Elbows bent in stamps ∅ 108-465 mm;
    • Stamp-welded bends ∅ 720, 1020 and 1420 mm;
    • Stamped half shells in thickness up to 80 mm;
    • Perforated sheets;
    • Flat heads of the fire-tube boilers;
    • Forged and stamped bedplates;
    • Clamping elements of blocks: S-ing, teeth, jaws of racks, half-yokes, yoke clamps.
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